Friday, January 29, 2010

Group Discussion ( Need of a stroller )


Need: Physical, social and intellectual needs.

Reason: The baby cannot walk so he/she needs the stroller to carry the baby around. The parents would bring the baby out with the stroller and meet up with their friends. The baby would be comfortable in the stroller and can also learn through playing with the toys in the stroller.

The parents would need less effort to move the baby around in the stroller compared to hand-carrying the baby.

P.I.E.S Needs

Purpose of PIES: To find out/identify people’s needs

P-physical- Things our body need such as food, water, protection from weather elements, exercise and rest.

I- intellectual- Things that stimulate us and help us to learn

E-emotional: Things that have to do with the way we feel and express ourselves

S-social- Things involving interaction with other people

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Different types of drawing ( Group Discussion )

1. Life Drawing: drawing as a means of expression; drawing from direct observation, as in still-life or figure drawing
2. Emotive Drawing: drawing, like painting, as an expressive way to explore and put forth feeling, mood, self, time, and so on; drawing as a sensitive expression of personality
3. Sketching: drawing in order to explain or actively think through a problem; drawing through the act of visualizing; drawing actively and loosely
4. Analytic Drawing: drawing as a way to dissect, understand and represent; drawing from observation
5. Perspective Drawing: drawing as a way to represent volume, space, light, eye-level (horizon), surface planes, and scale
6. Geometric Drawing: drawing as a means to precisely represent all aspects of construction; drawing that shows measured scale, true sides, sections, and a variety of descriptive views.
7. Diagrammatic Drawing: drawing in order to investigate, explore, and document concepts and ideas; drawing as an active design process where ideas evolve due to adjacencies and happenstance
8. Illustration Drawing: drawing in order to document; drawing to clearly state and render intent, style, size, color, character, effect, and so on

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is the Environment about and what can we do to protect it?

The environment is made up of everything which surrounds us.
We should also play a part to keep it clean by not littering on the ground. We should smoke less or not at all and use public transport more frequently instead of our own vehicles to reduce pollution in our environment.

What is Art, Design, Media and Technology ( ADMT )?

Our group discussed and concluded that ADMT is using media and technology to design art such as digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art and internet art. Another group suggested that ADMT could be about creating and editing art work using technology.

From the internet, we found that ADMT was the creative production of digital and material artefacts that reproduce and resist existing discourses.